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Frequently Asked Questions - Answered By Hampton Roads Pressure Washing


Is Pressure Washing Safe For My Patio?

Yes! In fact, Hampton Roads Pressure Washing specializes in pressure washing services specifically for patio cleaning. Our experts can safely and effectively clear your patio of algae and weed growth, debris, and other grime buildups without the threat of etching or damage to your concrete. While pressure washing is considered a safe cleaning method for patios, it's recommended that you leave this service to a professional. Inexperienced pressure washers can too easily cause permanent damage to their patios by using the incorrect pressure. Professional work eliminates this concern and delivers the results you're looking for!

How Can I Better Care For My Outdoor Living Spaces?

Outdoor areas need more attention than you might think to stay in good condition. Regular pressure washing of decks, driveways, and other hardscapes is crucial for maintaining their appearance and protecting them from toxic growths of mold, mildew, and algae. This extra care can greatly extend the lifespan of these features and help you avoid untimely replacements. Reinvigorate your outdoor spaces with Hampton Roads Pressure Washing's exterior services and see them last for years to come!

Can I Use More Than One Of Your Services At Once?

Absolutely! Hampton Roads Pressure Washing is happy to meet your home's varying needs with multiple services if necessary. We only ask that you make us aware of all services you will be needing at the initial consultation so that we can give you an accurate estimate.

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