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We Offer Mulching Installation And New Mulch Replenishment To Keep All Of Your Landscaping Looking Its Best


Hampton Roads Pressure Washing provides the mulching services Chesapeake professional landscaping and gardens need to stay lush and healthy year-round. Adding mulch to your flower beds, trees, and shrubbery has a variety of benefits that are just too good to pass up. Read on to see why professional mulching should be on your landscaping to-do list this year.

Mulching adds a beautiful layer to your planter beds and tree bases, but it does so much more to protect and extend the life of your plants. Mulching provides a protective barrier over your soil and shields it from the harmful effects of extreme temperatures. It also helps the soil retain moisture, which aids in the health of your flowers, trees, and shrubs. Furthermore, when mulch decomposes, it deposits nutrient-rich minerals back into your soil that keeps your landscaping healthy and gorgeous regardless of harsh weather conditions and temperatures.

How Mulching Makes Yard Cleanup and Lawn Care Easier

We've examined the key benefits of adding mulch to your landscaping. Now let's explore how this wonder fertilizer can help make lawn maintenance a quicker and easier process for you.

  • It locks in moisture for your plants, so you won't have to water them on your own nearly as much.
  • It suppresses weed growth and the spread of certain plant diseases, like soil-borne fungi, and keeps them from damaging your plants and flowers. This saves you from dealing with dead plant removal and replacement.
  • It prevents soil erosion.

There's no service quite like professional mulching to make your home exterior pop and keep it healthy throughout the year. Rely on Hampton Roads Pressure Washing to deliver on all your professional mulching needs in Chesapeake and see your landscaping thrive!

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