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Norfolk's Leading Pressure Washing Company

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Hampton Roads Pressure Washing is one local pressure washing company that takes the hassle out of exterior work for Norfolk homeowners. Whether your home needs a cleanse from dirt and grime buildup, or your driveway needs a professional cleaning, we have the services you need. Our licensed and insured experts bring you the quality care your home needs for an affordable price, and all our equipment and cleaning methods are eco-friendly! If you're ready to take the leap and invest in game-changing exterior restoration services, then call Hampton Roads Pressure Washing and see your Norfolk home transformed! We currently offer:

Clean Your Home Responsibly with Eco-Friendly Norfolk Pressure Washing

Hampton Roads Pressure Washing is proud to offer environmentally conscious pressure washing services to the residents of Norfolk. Our effective exterior cleaning techniques utilize only biodegradable cleaning solutions that won't contaminate local rivers, streams, and water supplies and won't kill off native plants and wildlife. Our machinery also minimizes the amount of water used to clean your exteriors. Our eco-friendly techniques protect local ecosystems without sacrificing the quality of service, so you're still getting the most thorough and effective clean for your home.

Keep Friends, Family, and Visitors Safe with Professional Driveway Cleaning

Most homeowners don't realize the hazards of neglecting to clean their driveways as needed. The truth is that your driveway will more than likely host slippery growths of mold, mildew, and algae that can pose a fall risk to anyone walking across this surface. These growths retain water and become slick very easily. One wrong step on these substances can result in painful injury to you or anybody visiting or living in your home. At Hampton Roads Pressure Washing, we offer superior driveway cleaning services that kill off these growths and keep them from returning for longer. Not only will your driveway look like new, but it will no longer be a hazard to you and those you love. Keep your driveway slip-resistant and safe by inquiring about our driveway cleaning services today!

Whatever your pressure washing needs may be, don't hesitate to reach out to Hampton Roads Pressure Washing: Norfolk's leading pressure washer!

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